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Drs. Tom (left) & Tim (right) Prince,  formerly of The Ohio State University,  founded Prince & Prince, Inc. in 1990.    The brothers have a depth of experience in market survey research and experimental-design field research.  The company specializes in market and survey research, and product tests for the global floral and green-plant industries.   The brothers have conducted floral-industry research up & down the entire floral channel, from plant breeders, producer-suppliers, and hardgood manufacturers, to floral importers and wholesale florists, and to floral mass-marketers and retail florists, and down to the consumer level of the floral channel.  The brothers have conducted floral market research for individual companies,  and for floral-industry associations.    They have worked in both the U.S. and in international settings.   While the majority of their research is for individual companies (private use),  they offer seminars to the floral industry, as well as share their keen expertise thru numerous and timely reports for the floral trade press.



Prince & Prince, Inc.,  PO Box 2465,  Columbus, OH  43216-2465

 Mobile: 614-264-0939    E-mail: FloralMktResearch@att.net

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