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A Call for Research Sponsors

The 2018 P&P U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey

 Newly Proposed Consumer Floral Research Update from P&P

¨      A large, comprehensive tracking survey of consumer floral buyers that are randomly-selected throughout the U.S. (about 1,000 floral-buying households participate for each survey wave).

¨    Surveys fielded in the Summer/ Fall of 2018 (mailed questionnaires with web survey option), with  reporting of survey findings in early Spring of 2019.  

 ¨      All survey findings (over 100 survey metrics) tracked from 2007 to 2010, to 2013, and to the end of 2018.

¨       Identifies the size, scope, and structure of the U.S. consumer fresh floral market (fresh cut flowers and indoor potted flowering & foliage plants, NOT outdoor bedding/ perennial plants).

¨       Reveals the consumers who buy fresh floral products.  .  .  what they buy, where they buy, when they buy, why they buy, and how much they spend on fresh cut flowers and indoor potted plants.

¨      Tracks consumer floral purchasing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Parties, Thank-You Gifting, Romantic Gifting, Proms/Dances, Home Decoration, Self-Usage, and 10 other floral occasions & events.

¨     Identifies specific cut-flower & potted plant purchasing shares for Florist Shops, Supermarket Florists, Super-Discount Stores, Internet/ 800-Numbers, Garden Centers, Home/ Hardware Centers, Wholesale Clubs, Farmer's Markets, etc., and identifies the change in channel purchasing shares over the past decade.

¨       Shows how consumers perceive the floral offerings, quality, selection, services, value and image of florist shops, supermarkets, Internet, and various other mass marketers (over 30 evaluative measures across 8 channel classes), and reveals how that consumer perception toward each floral channel has changed over time.

¨       Reveals the floral channels that most satisfy consumers, and shows those channels that largely generate dissatisfaction among consumers.   Identifies the floral channels that are retaining customers with repeat purchasing, and those that are predicted to lose customers.

¨       Identifies key lifestyles and interests of consumer floral buyers, and how those drive purchasing.

¨       All survey findings grouped by five major regions of the U.S., urbanization, household income, age, level of education, floral budget, and composition of the household (e.g. singles, teenagers, etc.).

¨       Each research sponsor receives a one-day, on-site presentation of the consumer tracking research, as well as the complete research presentation on flash drive for future reference.

¨       Research sponsors receive exclusivity of the survey research findings for a period of one year.

¨       P&P research sponsorship fees are at two levels: 1) an “association sponsorship” fee, in which association members receive an on-site presentation, with Q&A session, and members receive access to the consumer floral market information, and 2) a "business sponsorship" fee, with an on-site presentation with Q&A made to a company management team, and the presentation provided to the company on flash for future reference.   Contact P&P for specific fees for each sponsorship level.

¨       Please contact Prince & Prince for more consumer floral tracking survey details.


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