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The Prince & Prince U.S. Retail Florist Tracking Survey (2011 Edition) is Available as a One-Day (or Half-Day) On-Site Seminar Presentation to a Management Team or an Association/ Group, or as a "Seminar on CD". 

Survey conducted in the Spring of 2011, tracking over 200 florist shop metrics from 1998 to 2003, to 2005 (prior to the recession), and to 2011 (after the recession).

A Large Comprehensive Tracking Survey of Florist Shops in the U.S. (nearly 900 florist respondents for the 2011 survey, and over 1,000 respondents each for the 2005 & 2003 surveys).

Surveys Fielded in the Spring of 2011, with Financial Reporting on the 2010 Season, Compared to Earlier Surveys.

Identifies the Changing Business Structure of the Retail Florist Industry.

Shows Overall Sales Trends, and Trends for Numerous Sales Categories.

Reveals Florists’ Financial Condition, Sales Growth/ Declines, & Future Prospects.

Identifies Changes in Florists’ Product Mix (hardgoods, cut flowers, and potted plants).

Assesses Changes in the Cut-Flower Mix (basics, roses, novelties, tropicals, fillers).

Shows Usage Trends for 60 Cut-Flower Species, 20 Potted Plants, & 30 Gift-Shop Items.

Reveals Changes in Florists’ Sales Modes (in-store, wire, web, telephone, etc.).

Shows Changes in the Type of Florist Sales (party/ wedding, sympathy, commercial).

Identifies Florists' Buying Practices (direct buying) and Cut-Flower Purchases Via the Internet.

Reveals the Key Reasons for Purchasing Fresh Cut-Flowers Direct (by-passing local wholesalers).

Tracks Trends in Service Offerings, Marketing Practices, & Shop Operations.

Identifies Long-Term Trends by Tracking Metrics from 1998 to 2003, to 2005, and to 2011.

Model Analyses Reveal the Florist Strategies that Lead to Business Success.

Findings Grouped by 10 U.S. Regions, Florist Annual Sales, Urbanization, and Age of Owner.

Prince & Prince is Now Offering On-Site Seminars to Interested Parties (contact P&P for details), as well as the "Florist Seminar on CD" 

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Topics  Covered  in  P&P’s  U.S. Retail  Florist  Tracking  Survey

Florist Study Objectives

Survey Validity & Reliability

Characteristics of Florists (Profiles Sales/Size, Age-of-Owner, Urbanization, & U.S. Regional Trends)

Overall Florist Sales Levels

Florist Sales Growth

Florist Profitability

Single vs. Multiple Shops

Other Business Activities of Florists (e.g. gift shop, garden center, retail grower, event planning)

Type-of-Sales Profile

In-Store (In-Person) Sales

Wire Order Sales

Web/ Internet Sales

Sympathy Sales

Commercial Sales (B to B)

Wedding and Party Sales

Florist Product Mix – Cut Flowers, Potted Plants, Bedding Plants, Silks & Drieds, /Food Baskets, & Gift-Shop Items

Florist Cut Flower Mix  (e.g. roses, basic cut-flowers, novelties, tropicals, filler cut flowers)

Florist Cut Form Mix (e.g. arrangements, bouquets, hand-tieds, corsages, single stems)

Florist Potted Plant Mix (e.g. foliage plants, flowering plants, dish gardens/ planters)

Product Momentum Trends (Florists indicating product categories with increasing usage)

Rose Momentum (5 categories)

Rose Source Momentum (country/ region of origin; 6 categories)

Basic Cut Momentum (8 categories)

Novelty Cut Momentum (32 categories)

Tropical Cut Momentum (12 categories)

Filler Flower Momentum (12 categories)

Potted Plant Momentum (20 categories)

Hardgoods/ Gift-Shop Item Momentum (32 categories)

Level of Direct Buying (by-passing local wholesalers)

Florists' Reasons for Direct Buying (8 categories)

Florists’ Cut-Flower Purchasing Via the Internet

Florists’ Delivery Services (6 metrics)

Florists’ Cut-Flower Guarantees

Profile of Florists' Service Offerings (12+ metrics)

Profile of Florists' Operational Measures (20 metrics)

Florist Success/ Growth Strategies (statistical modeling of the florist database to uncover florist strategies leading to business success)

Above survey metrics (about 200) segmented by 10 U.S. Census regions, five florist sales groups, five market-urban groups, and five age-of-owner groups, revealing the key florist segments leading or trailing the overall U.S. florist-market trends.  Survey metrics tracked from 1998 to 2003, to 2005, and to 2011.   Survey findings identify florist industry trends overall, and key trends for specific florist segments.  



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