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Trends in Mass-Market Floral Buying, Operations, 

Sourcing, and Merchandising

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2003 Study Sponsored by The Super Floral Show,  www.superfloralshow.com

A "Must Have" report for floral buyers, floral executives, and all floral suppliers servicing the mass-market floral industry.

A comprehensive report on CD, including tables & charts, with key findings summarized.   
A US & Canadian survey of 90 key buyers, representing floral purchasing for nearly 21,500 stores, with $3.3 billion in floral-product sales.
Reveals changes in the mass-market floral-product mix, and changes in the mix for specific types of operations.
Profiles floral specialty sales (e.g. wedding, sympathy, wire order, local phone sales, business-to-business sales, and internet sales), and recent changes in specialty sales.
Identifies effective information sources for finding new floral vendors.
Profiles buyer priorities toward vendor services and attributes, and reveals recent changes in floral-buyer priorities.
Documents current trends in mass-market floral sourcing for fresh cut flowers/greens and bouquets/pre-made arrangements (and how this floral sourcing has changed since 2000).
Identifies "momentum" trends in floral business operations, product offerings, and marketing & merchandising emphasis.
Reveals key floral operational measures of the mass-market businesses (sq.ft. allocation, gross margins, labor cost percentages, number of SKU's in eight floral categories).
Study findings segmented by type of operation (e.g. chain supermarket, independent supermarket, other mass marketers, and grocery/service wholesalers), number of stores, service level, buyer organizational level, and region (7 US regions plus Canada).
Where possible, year 2003 study findings compared with 2000 and 1995 study findings, revealing trends in mass-market floral-buying behavior.


Buyer Priorities Toward Vendor Services (over 25 attributes measured on an importance scale)

Product Quality & Product Freshness Delivery Options & Capabilities
Product Selection Communication & Notification of Problems
Knowledge & Courtesy of Salespeople E-commerce Capability & Internet Tracking
Postharvest Care and Product Information Partnerships

Ten other vendor services/attributes measured in the research.

Effective Methods in Finding Information About New Floral Vendors  (ranking of effective methods)

Trade publications            Super Floral Show         Other trade shows       Word-of-mouth

Personal visit to vendor    Vendor visit to buyer     Internet/ Web             Vendor brochures

Competitor's products        Product samples          Vendor phone calls & faxes

Mass-Market Product Mix  (percentage of total floral sales)

Pre-Made Arrangements
Other Cut Flowers & Greens
Potted Flowering Plants
Potted Foliage
Bedding/Perennial Plants
Gift/Food Baskets

Mass-Market Sourcing for Bouquets & Pre-Mades and Sourcing for Cut Flowers & Greens  (percent of category purchased from floral sources)

Floral Sources Measured

Miami importers/bouquet manufacturers
Holland direct
South American farm-direct
Other importers
Domestic grower/shippers (including California)
Wholesale florists
Grocery/service wholesalers
Other sources

Floral Care & Handling Practices  (Percent of buyers that regularly use or apply practice)

Bucket sanitation
Water purification
Hydrating solutions/dips
Floral preservatives for processing/display
Refrigerated coolers
Ethylene scrubbers/removers
Underwater stem cutting
Anti-ethylene products (STS, ethyl bloc, etc.)
Floral preservative packets for customers
Leaf cleaning/shining
Anti leaf-yellowing products

"Momentum" Measures in Floral Business Operations    (Percent of buyers indicating emphasis intended over the next year - comparisons with year 2000 study findings)

Staff training
Floral bar coding
More floral suppliers
Reducing display area
Category management
Product received by store-door delivery
Reducing labor hours
Using local wholesalers
Increasing profitability
Fewer floral suppliers
Increasing display area
South American grower-direct buying
Partnering with suppliers
Increasing labor hours
Buying at lower prices
Using scan data
Buying "wet packs"
Using supplier merchandising programs

"Momentum" Measures in Floral Product Offerings     (Percent of buyers indicating emphasis intended over the next year - comparisons with year 2000 study findings)

Wedding sales
Dish gardens
Wire orders
Holiday sales
Sympathy sales
Larger bouquets
Internet sales
Foliage plants
Occasion sales (birthday, etc.)
Flowering plants
Consumer bunches
Unusual flowers
Commercial sales
Non-holiday sales
Fund-raising sales
Gift/ food baskets
Single stems
Bedding/ perennials
Local phone sales
Cross-merchandising sales

"Momentum" Measures in Floral Marketing & Merchandising   (Percent of buyers indicating emphasis intended over the next year - comparisons with year 2000 study findings)

Variety selection
Freshness dating
Color mix
End-of-aisle displays
Lower prices
Floral branding
Care tags/ information
Higher quality
Frequent display changes
Local delivery
Higher prices
Floral displays throughout store
Loyalty card tie-ins
Local color trends
Expanded price points.
Seasonal promotions
Better culling of displays for freshness

New for 2003 - Floral Operational Measures

Average square footage allocated to floral
Average gross margin on floral sales
Labor costs as a percentage of total floral sales
Floral sales as a percentage of total store sales
Number of SKU's in eight floral categories 

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Click HERE for details about our "Report on CD" offer.

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