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Our "feature articles" represent market research findings from selected research projects conducted by Prince & Prince  (P&P), and the findings reported in these articles are generally not available from any other research or media source.   P&P allows usage, re-printing, and re-distribution of these feature articles by companies, media sources, and students as long as the Prince & Prince contact information, including web site address, is cited as the source of the article information.  All available feature article topics are listed in the navigation bars above.  

NOTE: Updated consumer floral-purchasing trends are available in the Prince & Prince U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey, now available as a one-day, on-site, comprehensive seminar, with Q&A session, or as a "Seminar on CD".   Click on "SEMINARS" from the P&P Home Page.

U.S. Consumer Floral Purchasing Trends for Valentine's Day

U.S. Consumer Floral Purchasing Trends for Mother’s Day

Florists Value Wholesalers' Reliability  ( and Wholesalers Excel at it Too!  )

Florist Perceptions of Supplier Cut-Flower Quality  ( Wholesalers’ Care & Handling/ Cold Chain Dilemma )



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