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Provide your sales team a marketing advantage thru knowledge of consumer & retail florist trends.

The recently updated Prince & Prince U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey (2014 Edition) will be available in an on-site seminar format commencing Spring, 2014, and is presented with two options:  1) Full-Day On-Site Seminar Presentation, with a Q&A session,  and 2) Half-Day On-Site "Highlights" Seminar Presentation.    The "Seminar on CD Only" (No On-Site Presentation Nor Q&A Session) will be available July 15th, 2015.   Please contact P&P for current pricing information for the on-site seminar options.  Click on the "Seminars on CD" link above for details and pricing information for the CD offering.

Perspectives on the Past!  .   .   .   and Insight to the Future!



Prince & Prince (P&P) offers two premium, updated on-site seminars:

1) The P&P U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey.  This seminar presentation tracks numerous consumer floral purchasing and floral-outlet evaluation metrics from 2007 (prior to the U.S. recession), to 2010 (after the recession), and to the end of 2013 (market recovery period).   Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the US floral market is changing, and know the trending market strengths and weaknesses of the key floral channels (retail florists, supermarkets, super-discounters, wholesale clubs, home centers, on-line/ Internet providers, farmers markets, garden centers, etc.) .  .  .  and the change in consumer perceptions toward those outlets before and after  the 2008 U.S. recession!   Know where the U.S. floral industry has been, where it is now,  and where it is likely headed!

Seminar Now Available on Flash Drive - Contact P&P

2) The P&P U.S. Retail Florist Tracking Survey.  This seminar presentation tracks florists' sales, marketing practices, product & service offerings, cut-flower, potted plant, and hardgood product usage, operational practices, and business metrics for the U.S. retail florist industry from 2003, to 2005, and thru the end of 2010 (survey conducted in the Spring/Summer of 2011).


Energize and motivate your floral sales team with the knowledge of current consumer and retail florist buying behavior, and the trends in fresh cut flower and indoor potted plant purchasing.   Ideal as an educational component  to wholesaler open-house events, or for supplier educational programs to identify consumer and retail floral trends.


Click HERE for the Updated Consumer Floral Seminar  details;   Click  HERE for Updated Retail Florist Seminar details;   click HERE for ANSWERS provided by the Florist Seminar .


Throughout the colorful presentation, P&P highlights the key market trends of your particular region(s), answers questions from attendees, and discusses the implications of the trends for your particular business.


Seminar discussion features the market and sales opportunities, as well as the challenges revealed in the consumer and retail florist trends.


Seminars are conducted on-site at your facility - - P&P provides the computer and projection equipment - -  all that is required is a large screen or light-colored wall.   Each full seminar comprises a 5 to 6 hour time period, but P&P is flexible in tailoring the seminar topics to your specific interests and time availability.


During the on-site seminar, if a topic is of particular interest to attendees, the  presentation has the ability to "drill-down" on the supporting data,  and chart the trends across 8 consumer demographic groups  ( for the consumer seminar, demographics include age, income, education, region, floral budget, and household composition groups ), and for the retail florist seminar, chart trends across 10 US geographic regions, across 5 sales-categories of florist shops, across 5 urbanization levels (e.g. rural, suburban, central city, entire metro), and across 5 age-of-owner groups.    The presentation reveals the key market segments that lead or trail the overall US trends, identifying more opportunities for your business.


Prince & Prince offers the on-site seminars to individual companies, to groups of companies in a market collectively sponsoring the seminars, and to floral associations and other related groups.


Companies that sponsor the seminar also receive the complete Power-Point slide presentation on CD, (roughly 800 slides for the consumer seminar, and over 1,000 slides for the retail florist seminar).  Companies may use this P&P market information for their own internal use in their business training programs. 


Get the most from P&P consumer and retail florist research programs - - schedule your P&P seminar today!

Call or e-mail Prince & Prince for on-site seminar options and pricing information.



Prince & Prince, Inc.  PO Box 2465,  Columbus, OH  43216-2465  

phone: 614-299-4050;   E-mail: FloralMktResearch@att.net


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